Okuma MIV Repair – Exchange – Sale

Repair of Okuma MIV servo and spindle drives, as well as power supplies of different sizes e.g.:

  • Okuma Servo Drive units: MIV01-1-b1, MIV01-1-b3, MIV01A-1-B5 or 1006-2311, MIV02-1-b1, MIV03-1-p1, MIV04-1-b1, MIV05-1-b1, MIV05-1-b5 or 1006-2215, MIV06-1-b1, MIV06-3-v3, MIV06-3-V1, MIV06db-1-b3 or 1006-2265, MIV08-1-b1, MIV0101-1-b1, MIV0102-1-B1, MIV0102-1-b5, MIV0103-1-B1, MIV0202-1-B1 or 1006-2226, MIV0202-1-b5, MIV0203-1-b3, MIV0203-1-b5, MIV0204-1-B1, MIV0204-1-b5 or 1006-2231, MIV0404-1-b5, MIV0404A-1-B5
  • Okuma Spindle drive units: MIV22-3-V1 oder 1006-2259, MIV15-3-V3 or 1006-2258, MIV30A-3-V5, MIV40-1-b5,
    Okuma spindle drive MIP22 D-22, Bestellnummer 1006-2238, 1006-2239, Okuma spindle drive MIP11 D-11, Bestellnummer 1006-2237
  • Okuma Power supply: MPS-60, MPS45, MPS30 or 1006-2202, MPS20 oder 1006-2201, MPS-10, MPR10 oder 1006-2206, MPR5 oder 1006-2205

For better quality control we have several test stations for Okuma Drives in use

  • Extensive test sites
  • In-house repairs
  • Output test runs
  • Repairs on the component level by qualified personnel
  • Use of high quality components; no cheap replicas

Servopack before repair

After repair

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