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Okuma servo drive modules from UL100, OSP7000 controllers
Repair - Exchange - Sale

Okuma servo drive modules

Our services

  • Functional testing on test stands with motors and control
  • Parameters as well as software can be read out, adjusted and adapted
  • Incoming test at test station up to 30 minutes free of charge
  • Extensive documentation
  • Capacities also for very high quantities

Overview of the repair process

  • Standard complete overhaul according to checklists by our competent technical staff
  • Preventive repair at component level
  • In the case of irreparable equipment, an alternative solution will be offered (e.g. replacement or sale)
  • 12-month warranty on repair and replacement service
  • Standardised repair turnaround times 4-7 days
  • Express repair within 2 days

Examples of type names

  • 1 Axis Module BlII-D--A: BLII-D15A, BLII-D30A, BLII-D50A, BLII-D75A, BLII-D100A, BLII-D150A
  • 2 Axis Module BLII-D----A: BLII-D1515A, BLII-D3015A, BLII-D3030A, BLII-D5030A, BLII-D5050A BLII-D7550A, BLII-D7575A
  • 1 Axis Module BLIII-D##A: BLIII-D15A, BLIII-D30A, BLIII-D50A, BLIII-D75A, BLIII-D100A, BLIII-D150A
  • 2 Axis Module BLIII-D####A: BLIV-D1515A, BLIV-D3015A, BLIV-D3030A, BLIV-D5030A, BLIV-D5050A BLIV-D7550A, BLIV-D7575A
  • Board 1 Axis Module E4809-770-069: E4809-770-069A or E4809-770-069B
  • Board 2 Axis Module E4809-770-065: E4809-770-065A or E4809-770-065B

Convince yourself of our service: Repair of E4809-770-065 and E4809-770-069 assemblies from BLII-D modules

Part of development is learning from initial mistakes, and this model was not easy to explore at first. Problems such as spare parts supply, failure analysis and complaints arrived. Therefore, a superficial overhaul is not sufficient and by no means a solution. It requires a careful major overhaul because after about 10 years of operation, these devices have 12 channels in the direct end transistor drive section that are almost at the end of their useful life.

The channels are equipped with special hybrids and due to the constant tension and heat generation, your resources are used up and fail randomly.

Other providers: Today you just have one channel repaired, tomorrow or in 2 months the next. This approach will end up costing you quite a bit more.

Many of our competitors know the problem, but often do not get to the bottom of it. You simply lack spare parts, which are usually no longer available and if then already used, which must be soldered out of other devices. Who can thus afford to replace all 12 channels during this repair? Even renowned Okuma workshops only replace certain areas and hope that the device will survive the said warranty period. We have developed the spare parts ourselves and have already used them in several repair cases with success and over a longer period of time. After our thorough overhaul, the overhauled equipment continues to work flawlessly for several years during the warranty period and beyond. Our goal is not to get the same device on the table again, but another device that needs a proper overhaul. Of course, it is an effort to repair all 12 channels, to overhaul all weak points, even those that rarely bring errors. Nevertheless, it is part of our standardization of procedures. And by certain quantities we can offer the price more favorable.

BLII-D30A or BL2-D30A Order No. A006-0611 or 1006-0611 Servo Drive

2400.00 €


BLII-D5030A or BL2-D5030A Order Nr. A006-0626 or 1006-0626 Servo Drive

2500.00 €


BLII-D5050A BL2-D5050A or Order No. A006-0629 or 1006-0629 Servo Drive

3125.00 €


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