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Okuma servo drives from UL100, OSP7000 controls Repair – Exchange – Sale

Repair of Okuma BLII-D, BLIII and BLIV drive modules and Okuma boards E4809-770-069 and E4809-770-065

  • 1 Axis Module BLII-D15A, BLII-D30A, BLII-D50A, BLII-D75A, BLII-D100A, BLII-D150A
  • 2 Axis Module BLII-D1515A, BLII-D3015A, BLII-D3030A, BLII-D5030A, BLII-D5050A BLII-D7550A, BLII-D7575A
  • 1 Axis Module BLIII-D15A, BLIII-D30A, BLIII-D50A, BLIII-D75A, BLIII-D100A, BLIII-D150A
  • 2 Axis Module BLIV-D1515A, BLIV-D3015A, BLIV-D3030A, BLIV-D5030A, BLIV-D5050A BLIV-D7550A, BLIV-D7575A
  • Board 1 Axis Module E4809-770-069A or E4809-770-069B
  • Board 2 Axis Module E4809-770-065A or E4809-770-065B

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