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Brother machining center, machine tool service on site
Repair - Exchange - Sale

Drive modules, servo and spindle motors

Our services

  • Functional testing on test stands with motors and control
  • Parameters as well as software can be read out, adjusted and adapted
  • Incoming test at test station up to 30 minutes free of charge
  • Extensive documentation
  • Capacities also for very high quantities

Overview of the repair process

  • Standard complete overhaul according to checklists by our competent technical staff
  • Preventive repair at component level
  • In the case of irreparable equipment, an alternative solution will be offered (e.g. replacement or sale)
  • 12-month warranty on repair and replacement service
  • Standardised repair turnaround times 4-7 days
  • Express repair within 2 days

Examples of type names

  • Inverter Servo Modules and Converters Yaskawa: SGDH-20EEY338, CIMR-MXRN, CIMR-MXN, CIMR-MXL2022, SGDH-2020A11AVY740
  • Servo and Spindle Motors Yaskawa: USAIKM-50-BK33-B, USAIKM-50-BK43-D, SGMKS-13A5V-BK42-A, SGMKS-13A5V-BK22
  • The following encoder brakes may be installed in these motors: UTSAH-B17CL10, UTSAE-B17BE, UTOPH-10AWW, UTMSI-10AAEAZM
  • Servo and Spindle Modules from Sanyo Denki: PE0A030MXXXC00, PY9A300U0XXXC08, PY2C030U0XXXC01, PE9A300UXXXC, 67ZA050A841S03, PV1A015SFYNP50, 60BB030FXW10, 65BA030VDTB4, 68BA050VXT03, BA020FFWB-301, PY2C015U0XXXC01
  • Sanyo Denki servo and spindle motors: 64BM180KXS79EU, 64BM180LXS99, P60B18750RXS00M, 65ZBM040HXS21EU, 64BM180LXUL9
  • The following encoder brakes may be installed in these motors: E751024J2EF, F681024VD81, E684096F0C1, E685000VCE1, F68010KVF81, F682000DKV
  • These devices can be installed in the following machines Vertical CNC machining centers BROTHER TC-32BN FT, Vertical CNC machining centers BROTHER TC-S2A, Vertical CNC machining centers BROTHER TC-32BN QT, Vertical machining centers BROTHER TC 321 N, EDM machines BROTHER HS-3600, CNC milling centers BROTHER TC-324N, Machining center - Universal BROTHER TC 229, Machining Center - Universal BROTHER TC R2A, CNC Milling Centers BROTHER TC 32B, Machining Center - Vertical BROTHER TC 211, Tapping Machines BROTHER SPEEDIO S1000 X1, CNC Boring Mills BROTHER TC 215, CNC Milling Centers BROTHER TC 225, CNC Drilling & Tapping Center BROTHER TC-32B QT, Vertical Machining Centers BROTHER TC-324, Machining Centers BROTHER TC 22 A

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