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Mitsubishi HC-PQ23-UE

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We received the Mitsubishi HC-PQ23-UE servo motor to check for authenticity.
This was declared as new by the seller and after visual inspection everything seemed to be fine for now.
However, some functional tests showed that the engine produced strong vibrations. In addition, the ball bearing was heavily contaminated.
The abrasion caused by the rotor with the defective ball bearing (fine dust), 
                        eventually settled on the encoder glass disk. This caused vibrations and the encoder reading head
                        could no longer accurately determine the correct position and was constantly readjusting.
                        The motor was originally purchased in China and declared as new there, which was however only externally refurbished.
The encoder disk was dirty, which created the original vibration.
In this case, the customer wanted a complete overhaul.
The engine was professionally inspected and overhauled in our workshop within a very short time.

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-350B-S041U703

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The customer purchased the Mitsubishi MR-J2S-350B-S041U703 from an Asian dealer.
                        After checking the device, it turned out to be a standard version without the S041U703 extension.
                        the S041U703 extension.
The type designation was changed by the dealer, added the extension S041U703
The circuit boards in the device have been edited and the firmware replaced.
            All visible components were subsequently soldered or replaced unprofessionally and left unclean with solder residues and dirt.
            There were no abnormalities during the functional test, but after a few load tests, an overcurrent error showed up.
            Unfortunately, the device was in a disastrous condition, so we organized a replacement for the customer.

Authentication for drives

Wir verifizieren Ihre Antriebe auf Echtheit

Do you suspect that your purchased drives do not comply with the standards and norms.
Your drives, despite being purchased as new, do not provide the functionality they should. Drives are apparently and qualitatively flawless, but still generate error procedures or error messages.

Then we would like to introduce you our authenticity testing service

We can test the purchased drives for you and also check for authenticity and genuineness. Are the installed parts really new and also match the specified type designation?

Sample procedure for an authenticity check of your drives

  • Ball bearing
  • Plug
  • Housing
  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • Encoder data (readout via special software)
  • Video is to be created
  • Photos must be taken
  • Strength
  • Power consumption
  • Speed
  • Orientation
  • Load capacity
  • Housing
  • Ball bearing
  • Brakes
  • Encoder
  • Circuit boards
  • Connection sockets or plugs
  • Insulation test

In case of existing defects or deviations of authenticity, it is pointed out and the problem is formulated in more detail. Further recommendations are suggested, e.g. overhaul/repair of the device or upgrade until equivalent quality/performance is achieved with regard to the original.

You can contact us in the following way:

Chat with our customer support, write us a message: [email protected] or call us: +49 6251 9888430