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Bezahlung & Preise - industrypart GmbH

industrypart offers multiple payment options:

  • PayPal: We reserve the right to charge the fees when paying via PayPal. Please ask our sales team for details.
  • Bank transfer: Our account info is easy to find. Please use our BIC/SWIFT and IBAN numbers for EU and international transfers.
  • Value added tax - within the EU and non-European countries: customer orders in Germany are subject to 19% VAT. We will need your sales tax ID number or VAT, consisting of DE + 9 digits (for Germany), for example, for customer orders outside of Germany. Please provide your sales tax ID number or VAT with all international orders. We will automatically charge 19% value added tax for orders that do not include a sales tax ID no. or VAT.
  • Shop prices: All prices are net prices plus 19% VAT. The value added tax is always listed separately and is freely visible. International customers are not required to pay VAT as long as a sales tax ID no. or VAT is provided.