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Standard repair Servo - Spindle motors

Our standard repair service for Servo - Spindle motors includes:

  • Exchange of defective and worn bearings (ball bearings) and connectors.
  • Replacing seals
  • Intensive cleaning.
  • Painting.
  • Performance test: uniform turning at different speeds and heating in order to simulate conditions similar to those encountered during operation.
  • The motor is tested on a servo or spindle motor for a longer period of time.

The following errors, for example, are known to us and can be eliminated:

For parts that are not included in our repair flat rate, you will receive a separate cost estimate

Not included in the flat rate are or will be offered separately:

  • Defective encoders, resolvers.
  • Repair of the brake unit and winding short circuit.
  • Breakage of the housing, rotor and starter, loss of magnetism.

Due to the high quality work we give 12 months warranty on perfect function.

See the procedure of the repair

Error Cause
Servo/Spindle drive module reports encoder error Defective encoder, defective cables
motor bucks Defect in the encoder, insulation error
Loud metallic noises Ball bearing, housing defective
High consumption, drive module is overloaded Insulation fault, ball bearing, encoder
CNC reports brake faulty/ brake does not open Brake coil interrupted or stuck
Brake does not hold Brake lining worn out

In principle, any possible faults can be detected and remedied in our test system. Look at the photos and videos of ours test stands an.

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