Yaskawa CACR-SR Servopack Series
Repair - Exchange - Sale

CACR-SR Servopack Series

Our services

  • Functional testing on test stands with motors and control
  • Parameters as well as software can be read out, adjusted and adapted
  • Incoming test at test station up to 30 minutes free of charge
  • Extensive documentation
  • Capacities also for very high quantities

Overview of the repair process

  • Standard complete overhaul according to checklists by our competent technical staff
  • Preventive repair at component level
  • In the case of irreparable equipment, an alternative solution will be offered (e.g. replacement or sale)
  • 12-month warranty on repair and replacement service
  • Standardised repair turnaround times 4-7 days
  • Express repair within 2 days

Examples of type names

  • Yaskawa CACR-SR..BE Servopack: CACR-SR10BE12G, CACR-SR20BE12G-E, CACR-SR03BE12G-E, CACR-SR44BE12G-E, CACR-SR30BE12G-E
  • Yaskawa CACR-SR..SZ Servopack: CACR-SR03SZ1SS-Y223, CACR-SR10SZ1SFY221, CACR-SR30SZ1SDY230, CACR-SR44SZ1SDY231
  • Yaskawa CACR-SR..BB Servopack: CACR-SR07BB1BM, CACR-SR10BB1BF, CACR-SR20BB1BF-B
  • Yaskawa CACR-SR..AB Servopack: CACR-SR05AB1ERE, CACR-SR01AB2ER
  • Yaskawa CACR-SR..SB Servopack: CACR-SR05SB1AFY187, CACR-SR30SB1ASY124, CACR-SR15SB1AF-Y100

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