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Assessment of various components for our customers, who had purchased goods from China had purchased

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been conducting reviews for servodrives and motors on behalf of our customers. The case described here involved a reseller of three servo packs of the SGDH-10AE model.

He commissioned us with the inspection, after damage had already occurred due to overloading and overheating at his own customer. After closer examination and various load tests, we found that it was not the models specified by the reseller, but SGDH-05AE. The decisive difference between the two servo packs, despite the identical design of SGDH-10AE (1.0 Kw) as well as SGDH-05AE (0.5 Kw), lies in the performance and circuit programming. The supplier contracted by our customer had specified a different type designation in order to adapt it to a more powerful model.


We modified the devices according to the performance parameters so that they were operational again. In this respect, it was the right decision on the part of our customer to investigate the matter more closely, above all to avoid further consequential damage to his own clientele.

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