Yaskawa SGDB Sigma 1 Servopack
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SGDB Sigma 1 Servopack

Our services

  • Functional testing on test stands with motors and control
  • Parameters as well as software can be read out, adjusted and adapted
  • Incoming test at test station up to 30 minutes free of charge
  • Extensive documentation
  • Capacities also for very high quantities

Overview of the repair process

  • Standard complete overhaul according to checklists by our competent technical staff
  • Preventive repair at component level
  • In the case of irreparable equipment, an alternative solution will be offered (e.g. replacement or sale)
  • 12-month warranty on repair and replacement service
  • Standardised repair turnaround times 4-5 days
  • Express repair within 2 days

Examples of type names

  • SGDB-1AADG: SGDB-1AADG servo drive, 1EADG AC servo pack, SGDB-1AADG AC servo pack SIGMA 1 200V 58.6Amps 11kW
  • SGDB-05xD: SGDB-05AD servo drive, 05ADP AC servo pack, SGDB-05ADG AC servo pack, 07ADM servo drive
  • SGDB-10xD: SGDB-10ADG AC Servodrive SIGMA 1 input 200-230V AC output 7.0A 0.85KW 3Phase, SGDB-10AD AC Servopack, SGDB-10ADGY1 AC SIGMA 1 220V 8.0A 7.6A 0.85KW, SGDB-10ADGY8 AC servo pack SIGMA 1 input 220V 8.0A output 7.1A 0.85KW, SGDB-10AN AC servo drive SIGMA 1 input 220V 8.0A output 4.4A 0.75KW, SGDB-10ADP AC servo drive, 10ADM AC servo pack, SGDB-10ADS servo drive, SGDB-10VD servo drive unit SIGMA 1 input 200-230V
    AC 8.0A output 7.1A 0.85KW 3Phase
  • SGDB-15xD: SGDB-15ADG AC servo pack SIGMA 1 input 200-230V
    AC 10.0A output 10.7A 1.3KW 3Phase SGDB-15ADM AC Servopack, SGDB-15ADP AC servo pack SIGMA 1 input 220V 10.0A output 7.3A 1.5KW, SGDB-15ADS servo drive, 20ADM AC servo pack
  • SGDB-20xD: SGDB-20ADG-P AC servo drive SIGMA 1 input 220V 12.0A output 16.7A 1.8KW, SGDB-20ADS Servo Drive, SGDB-20ADGY60 AC servo drive SIGMA 1 200V 10.5Ampere 1.3KW
  • SGDB-30xD: SGDB-30ADD AC Servopack, SGDB-30ADG AC Servodrive SIGMA 1 200V 23.8A 2.9K, SGDB-30ADGY8 AC Servopack SIGMA 1 input 220V 18.0A output 23.8A 2.9KW, SGDB-30ADS SERVO AMPLIFIER 3-PHASE INPUT 230V/18A OUTPUT 230V/18.8A, SGDB-30ADM servo drive, 44ADD AC servo pack
  • SGDB-60xD: SGDB-44ADG AC Servopack SIGMA 1 input 200-230V 24.0A output 32.8A 4.4KW, SGDB-44ADS AC Servopack SIGMA 1 230V 24.3A mps 3.96KW, SGDB-44ADM servo drive, 50ADD AC servo pack, SGDB-50ADS servo drive, SGDB-60ADG AC servo drive SIGMA 1 input 200-230V AC 32.0 amp output 42.1A 5.5KW 3phase, SGDB-60ADM AC servo package, SGDB-60VDY189 AC servo pack 230V 40.0A 7.0KW, SGDB-60VDY44 AC servo pack input 230V 32.0A output 40.0A 6.0KW
  • SGDB-75xD: SGDB-75ADGY19 3PH AC 54.7A 7.5kW 10.05HP, SGDB-75VDY178 AC Servopack Input 200-230V 41.0Amps Output 54.7Amps 7.5KW

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