Yaskawa AC Servo Motor SGMGH Sigma II Serie Repair – Exchange – Sale

Repair of Yaskawa SGMGH Sigma II motors in all sizes e.g.:

  • Examples of the following motors 200 and 400 Volt between 100 Watt and 7 KW: SGMGH-02,05,09,13,20,30,44,60,75, SGMGH-05DCA6F-OY, SGMGH-09DCA6F-OY, SGMGH-13ACA61, SGMGH-13A2A-YR13, SGMGH-20D2A6H-OY, SGMGH-30DCA6F-OY, SGMGH-44ACA6E, SGMGH-55DCA6F-OY, SGMGH-75DCA6F-OY, SGMGH-1ADCA61, SGMGH-1EDCA6H-OY
  • The following encoders and brakes may be installed in this motor: UTSIH-B17CC, UTSIH-B17CK, UTSIH-B17CK-EUTSAE-B17BB, UTSAH-B17BE, UTSAH-B17BB, SBR-119V-45B, SBR-112V-200B, RNB4.4K-04, RNB4.4G-13, RNB 7.4G-06

For better quality control we have several test stations for Yaskawa motors in use

  • Extensive test sites
  • In-house repairs
  • Output test runs
  • Repairs on the component level by qualified personnel
  • Use of high quality components; no cheap replicas

Yaskawa SGMGH motor before repair

After repair

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