Yaskawa AC Servo Motor SGMG Sigma 1 Series

Repair – Exchange – Sale

Repair of Yaskawa SGMG Sigma 1 engines, all sizes e.g:

  • SGMG-02, 05, 09, 13, 20, 30, 44, 60, 75. Motors between 200 and 400 Volt between 100 Watt and 7 KW SGMG-09A2AB, SGMG-13A2ABC, SGMG-20V2AB, SGMG-30VSA, SGMG-30V2AAB SGMG-30VSA, SGMG-55ASAB, SGMG-44V2ABB
  • The following encoders and brakes can be installed in these motors: UTMAH-B15ASB, UTOPH-81AWF, UTOPH-81AVF, UTOPH-40AVM SBR-119V-45B, SBR-112V-200B, RNB4.4K-04

For better quality control we have several test stations for Yaskawa engines

  • Extensive test stations
  • Inhouse-repair services
  • Output test runs
  • Repair at component level by qualified personnel
  • Use of high-quality components, i.e. no cheap imitations

Repair service at a glance

  • Replacing the ball bearings
  • Exchange of encoder/encoder system
  • If necessary repair of the winding and balancing
  • The engine is tested on a special test system and under realistic conditions
  • Your engine is thoroughly cleaned (washed out), sandblasted and repainted
  • Intensive cleaning of the winding and new sealing
  • New adjustment of the encoder/encoder system
  • Plug repair/replacement if necessary
  • Testing according to VDE standards

The motors are checked for insulation, breakdown and vibration after repair

Yaskawa SGMG Motor before repair

Yaskawa SGMG Motor after repair

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