Reasons for industrypart

Reasons for industrypart GmbH

We are accompanied by quality in many areas of life. Especially when things need to work flawlessly and are important to us, we rely on the value and reliability that high quality offers.

However, in an area as important as maintenance of drive technology, quality is often neglected!

Many repair companies offering maintenance of servo/spindle motors and inverters can neither test the offered devices nor do they carry out cleaning and overhaul of the assemblies that are required for a long-term, proper solution. It is not rare for inferior replacement parts from China to be used for repairs and also installed in an amateurish way.

The allegedly favorable cost-benefit relationship usually reveals itself as a cost trap shortly afterwards!

Before repair

Before ...

After repair


Perhaps you have already had a similar negative experience and are tired of losing a lot of time and money due to low-quality repairs.

We at industrypart GmbH understand this problem and have therefore always strived to hold our service to the manufacturer’s standards in order to meet your high demands of first-class quality. We have stood for quality in the area of maintenance of drive technology for ten years, and our international success proves us right!

We continually invest in new test stations to be able to offer a wide range of repair services and completely control and test defective units.

In addition to the actual repairs, your defective unit is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and is completely serviced. This ensures that the repaired device still works flawlessly many years after the warranty of 12 months granted by us has passed.

A worldwide network of distributors allows us to quickly provide high-quality replacement parts and assemblies for an exchange and thereby offer you a time-efficient solution.

All of this would of course not be possible without our qualified and motivated employees who are prepared to push their limits for you.

Are you not convinced yet? Then pay us a visit. Get an idea of our service quality and visit our YouTube channel, where we demonstrate our test stands and repair procedures. If you would like to have an insight into our workshop in Bensheim, you are welcome to arrange an appointment at any time.

Quality is a distinction that indicates value and reliability, and that is what we stand for. If you have defective drive units, we are happy to answer your questions and provide information.