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Okuma servo drives from an OSP7000 controller Repair – Exchange – Sale

Test Stands Drive Technology and Motors

Repair for Okuma BLII-D drives:

  • 1-axis modules: BLII-D15A, BLII-D30A, BLII-D50A, BLII-D75A, BLII-D100A, BLII-D150A
  • 2-axis modules: BLII-D1515A, BLII-D3015A, BLII-D3030A, BLII-D5030A, BLII-D5050A, BLII-D7550A, BLII-D7575A
  • Board 1-axis modules E4809-770-069-A or E4809-770-069-B
  • Board 2-axis modules E4809-770-065-A or E4809-770-065-B

Choose a company that makes you and your problem a priority.

You can convince yourself at any time of the high level of our services by entering into a partnership with us. Over the years we have perfected our know-how, resulting in positive feedback from our customers. The Okuma BLII-D series was surprisingly difficult to repair. We encountered problems such as spare parts supply, error analysis and complaints. We are convinced that a thorough overhaul is the solution to many drive module problems. These Okuma PCBs have 12 channels equipped with special hybrids in the field of final transistor control. After approx. 10 years in operation the constant load and heat generation causes them to deteriorate and they often fail arbitrarily.


  • Only one channel is repaired
  • Preventive measures are not included as standard
  • Test facilities are incomplete

Our competitors generally lack spare parts or do not use new parts. Who can afford to replace all 12 channels during this repair? Even well-known Okuma-authorized workshops only exchange certain components. We developed suitable spare parts and successfully used them in several repaired units over an extended period. After our thorough overhaul, the drives work flawlessly for several years. Of course, the effort to repair all 12 channels and re-engineer all weak points is very high. Nevertheless, it is part of our standardized processes. This allows us to reach certain production volumes and keep the price competitive.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

For further details please see the description below.

We use several test stations for Okuma Drives for better quality control.

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