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Serie Mitsubishi MRJ2S

Nowadays, you can buy the drive you need used on various trading platforms such as Ebay. The question arises, what exactly does used mean? How long will the drive still be functional?

If a drive is already failing due to age, then installing or replacing it with one of approximately the same age makes little sense. Renewed machine downtimes are pre-programmed and cause further costs as a logical consequence.

We recommend: to have your used drive professionally repaired and tested. E.g. you get with us for each repaired unit, additionally 1 year warranty.

Take a look at our portfolio of Mitsubishi-MRJ2S series an.

In addition, we currently offer discounted condition for various models of Mitsubishi series. You can find a detailed list here

SGDK-20AEA Servopack

1950.00 €


SGDK-15AEA Servopack

2180.00 €


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