Mitsubishi AC Servo- and Spindle motors

Repair – Exchange – Sale

Repair of Mitsubishi AC servo and spindle motors in all sizes e.g.:

  • HA203CBS, HA43C-S, HA-200C, HA103NC-S, HA-SA52, HC202BS, HD101-12, HA-SA352CT, SJ-26X, HC153BS-SZ, SJ-P2.2, HG-KR43J, HG-KR73J, SJ-7.5AP
  • The following encoders may be installed in these motors: FA-Coder TS5850, OSA253S2, OSE 5K-6-12-108, OAER 5K-1X-3-8-108, OSA104S, OSE104, OHE25K-6 TS5170 N11

For better quality control we have several test stations for Yaskawa engines in use

  • Extensive test sites
  • In-house repairs
  • Output test runs
  • Repairs on the component level by qualified personnel
  • Use of high quality components; no cheap replicas

We offer you a repair/overhaul with highest quality standards!

  • Exchange of the ball bearings
  • Exchange of the encoder system
  • If necessary repair of the winding and balancing
  • Exchange of all older and used wear parts, as well as readjustment
  • The engine is tested on a special test system and realistic conditions
  • The engine is thoroughly cleaned (washed out), sandblasted and repainted
  • Motors are checked for insulation and breakdown after repair

Yaskawa SGMG engine before repair

Yaskawa SGMG engine after repair

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