Fanuc AC servo and spindle motors
Repair - Exchange - Sale

Our performance

  • In-house repair
  • Use of high quality parts; no cheap replicas
  • Engine is inspected and tested under realistic conditions
  • Capacities also for very high volumes

Repair procedure at a glance

  • New and fine adjustment of encoder/encoder systems
  • As needed winding repair and balancing
  • As needed connector repair or replacement
  • Standard complete overhaul according to checklists by our competent technical staff
  • For irreparable equipment, an alternative solution will be offered (e.g. replacement or sale)
  • 12-month warranty on repair and replacement service
  • Standardized repair turnaround times 4-7 days. Express repairs possible.

Examples of type names

  • Spindle motors: Alpha I, Alpha a2, a3, a6, a8, a12, a18 etc. Types such as A06B-0855-B100, A06B-0853-B390, A06B-0852-B300, A06B-0845-B100, A06B-0127-B075, A06B-1008-B902, A06B-0866-B380, A06B-1501-B105, etc
  • Servo motors: Fanuc S series, Fanuc Alpha I series, Fanuc Alpha series, Fanuc DC axis motors types like: A06B-0115-B103, A06B-0213-B100, A06B-0348-B357, A06B-0183-B275 etc
  • Encoder: A20B-2002-0310, A20B-9000-0300, A290-1401-X036, A860-0326-T002, A290-0854-V320, A860-0321-T021, A860-0320-T113, A20B-9000-0010 , A860-0309-T302, A860-2010-T341 etc

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