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New service authenticity check

Already over a longer period of time we notice that some drive series are discontinued more and more rapidly and radically.

As a follow-up reaction, these drives and engines are no longer offered in the form by the manufacturer while demand remains the same or even increases. This tempts companies to procure their drives from uncertified or dubious dealers.

For example, many Asian dealers specialize in replicas or dubious refurbishments. Heat sinks are repainted, engine components wildly swapped and entire circuit boards assembled from scrap parts.

Here, extreme caution is advised, because in the short term, the procurement of a supposedly new device via the Far East may even lead to the desired success, although rather unlikely. In the long term however and particularly regarding plant safety with consequential damage for human and machine, is from our experience of untested converters and motors from dubious sources absolutely not recommended.

We have already had the opportunity to gather our own experience with this problem and have written an interesting article on it.

Nevertheless, in order to be able to support our customers with this well-known and critical problem, we would like to introduce our authenticity verification service.

We can test the drives you have purchased and check for authenticity as well as authenticity, so that it can be determined whether your installed parts are really new and also match the type designation. In addition, we can overhaul your equipment to manufacturer level and offer suitable solutions in the event of supply difficulties as well as bottlenecks. offer.

If you ever have a need here, please feel free to contact us or make an appointment to visit us directly.

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