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Siemens Simodrive D and Sinumerik 840D / 810D Repair – Exchange – Sale

Siemens modules together from the test cabinet

Repair of Siemens Simodrive D Servo-, Spindle-, Power-Modules. Sinumerik 840D / 810D and Motors:

  • LT Modul: 6FC5447-0AA00-0AA0, 6FC5447-0AA00-0AA1
  • CCU/CPU card: 6FC5410-0AY01-0AA0, 6FC5410-0AY01-0AA1
  • MMC Computer 6FC5210-0DA21-2AA1 (there are many different versions)
  • Power Supplies 6fc5247-0aa17-0aa1 (there are many different versions)

We use several test sites for Siemens Drives for better quality control

  • Extensive test sites
  • In-house repairs
  • Output test runs
  • Repairs on the component level by qualified personnel
  • Use of high quality components; no cheap replicas
Test Stands Drive Technology and Motors
Test Stands Drive Technology and Motors

Repair service at a glance

  • Free initial inspection at the test site (up to 30 minutes test on a component level)
  • Standardized complete overhaul by competent specialist staff
  • Complete cleaning of devices (including circuit boards and housing parts), exchange of all older/used parts subject to wear
  • Intensive cleaning of the boards and housings, replacement of all known parts subject to wear, readjustment, testing according to VDE standards
  • An alternative solution is offered for irreparable devices
  • 12-month warranty on our repair and exchange service
  • Standard repairs in 4-5 days, Express repairs within 2 days; possible with most devices for an additional fee
  • Validation of the defect -> Troubleshooting help for possible external sources of error.

Repair of Siemens Motors

Photo of the repair services
  • 1FK6:
    1FK6xxx-xAx71-1Axx  ->Testable  A = Incremental encoder, sin/cos 1 Vpp (I–2048)
    1FK6xxx-xAx71-1Exx  ->Testable E = Absolute encoder EnDat (A–2048)
    1FK6xxx-xAx71-1Gxx  ->Unknown G = simply absolute encoder (A–32)
    1FK6xxx-xAx71-1Sxx  ->Unknown S = Resolver multipolar
    1FK6xxx-xAx71-1Txx  ->Unknown T = Resolver 2–wire twisted
  • 1FT6:
    1FT6xxx-xAx7x-xAxx  ->Testable  A = Incremental encoder, sin/cos 1 Vpp (I–2048)
    1FT6xxx-xAx7x-xExx  ->Testable E = Absolute encoder EnDat (A–2048)
    1FT6xxx-xAx7x-xHxx  ->Testable H = Absolute encoder EnDat (A–512)
    1FT6xxx-xAx7x-xSxx  ->Unknown S = Resolver multipolar
    1FT6xxx-xAx7x-xTxx  ->Unknown T = Resolver 2–wire twisted
  • 1FK7:
    1FK7xxx-xAx71-1Axx  ->Testable  A = Incremental encoder, sin/cos 1 Vpp (I–2048)
    1FK7xxx-xAx71-1Exx  ->Testable E = Absolute encoder EnDat (A–2048)
    1FK7xxx-xAx71-1Gxx  ->Unknown G = simply absolute encoder (A–32)
    1FK7xxx-xAx71-1Hxx  ->Testable H = Absolute encoder EnDat (A–512)
    1FK7xxx-xAx71-1Sxx  ->Unknown S = Resolver multipolar
    1FK7xxx-xAx71-1Txx  ->Unknown T = Resolver 2–wire twisted
  • 1PH2/4/5/ Spindle:
    1PHxxxx-xAxxx-xxxx  ->Testable  A = Without encoder
    1PHxxxx-xExxx-xxxx  ->Testable E = Absolute encoder EnDat EnDat (A–2048)
    1PHxxxx-xMxxx-xxxx  -> M = Incremental sin/cos 1 Vpp with C- and D-Track
    1PHxxxx-xRxxx-xxxx  ->Unknown R = Resolver 2–wire twisted

We provide high-quality repairs and overhauling!!

We can carry out the following work:

  • Replacement of ball bearings
  • Replacement of encoder systems
  • If necessary, repair of winding and balancing
  • The motor is tested on a special test system in realistic conditions
  • Your motor is thoroughly cleaned (washed), sandblasted, and repainted
    • Intensive cleaning of the winding and re-sealing
    • Replacement of ball bearings
    • Readjustment of the encoder system
    • Plug repair/replacement if required
    • Inspection according to VDE standards
  • The motors are checked after repair for insulation, breakdown, and vibration

Motor before and after repair

Siemens Motor vor der Reparatur
Siemens Motor nach der Reparatur

You can contact us in the following way:

Chat with our customer support, write us a message: [email protected] or call us: +49 6251 9888430