Drive Technology

Repair – Exchange – Sale

Haas drive technology Repair/Exchange/Sale (Specialization)

Repair of Haas servo, spindle and power modules:

  • HP Vector Drive

We have several test stations for HP Vector Drives for better quality control in use

  • Extensive test sites
  • In-house repairs
  • Output test runs
  • Repairs on the component level by qualified personnel
  • Use of high quality components; no cheap replicas
Reparaturleistung im Überblick

Repair service at a glance

  • Free initial inspection at the test site
  • Standardized complete overhaul by competent specialist staff
  • Complete cleaning of the devices, circuit boards and housing parts
  • Replacement of all older and used wear parts, as well as readjustment
  • An alternative solution is offered for irreparable devices
  • 12-month warranty on our repair and exchange service
  • Standard repairs in 4-5 days
  • Express repairs within 2 days
  • Validation of the defect: troubleshooting help for possible external sources of error

Drive before repair

Haas Drive before and after repair

Drive after repair

Haas Drive before and after repair

Motors for Haas machines

Repair – Exchange – Sale

Extended department: From now on we offer repairs for Yaskawa servo and spindle motors built into Haas machines!

  • Yaskawa SGMG, SGM, SGMGV, SGMPHr
We offer a repair/overhaul in a high quality!

High class and quality repair service for this motor series

  • The motor will be overhauled, completely disassembled and old paint and dirt removed
  • Assembly is carried out according to strict and precise specifications
  • Each motor gets an exactly adapted, new encoder system. High speed ball bearings are used up to 22000 RPM, depending on the speed
  • All seals are replaced
  • fans are overhauled or completely replaced
  • After the repair, the motor is repainted and connected to the test system.additionally, to make sure, we load the motors during the test at the load test station

Motor before repair

Yaskawa motor before and after repair

Motor after repair

Yaskawa motor before and after repair

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