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Procedure of repair

You ask us for a service. We offer various solutions for you: repair, exchange, sales and renting.

We create a project and save all relevant data for the project in our own software and track every step.

You send your device to us. Usually the same day a technical manager examines your device and decides what should be the next step. Because we offer lots of fixed price repairs we often need only your release for the repair.

We take pictures of the device and the parameters and jumpers. Further customer wishes and description of defect are considered and documented.

Furthermore we clean your device professionally. If needed we paint parts of it.

We own a large stock of spare parts. Often it is possible to speed up the repair by exchange or loan.

We repair preventive, i.e. besides error detection and repair we replace parts of the device which as experience shows tend to break. You profit from an increased lifetime.

We built more and more test stands, where we stress test your devices over a long period of time fully automated. We have to be sure they perfectly work before we can send them back to you.

After successful repair and tests we pack your device with extra secure and stable packaging material.

Your device is now ready to be shipped by a fast and reliable parcel service, e.g. UPS or Fedex.
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